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Dakimakura Pillow Store: 1001+ Anime Body Pillow Collections


Anime Dakimakura Inner Pillow - DP10003

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Our Dakimakura Pillow Store

Why We Made Dakimakura

Anime is becoming more and more popular these days in the west and use western fans are just eager to get our hands on as much anime merch as possible! Sadly, the selection is limited, and there’s some stuff you can’t even find anywhere except in the artist corner at a convention. But there’s some stuff you can even ask for at conventions.

If you want a hot anime dakimakura pillow of your favorite anime girls or boys, for example, you won’t be able to get it just anywhere. In Japan, dakimakura are all the rage, but they rarely make it overseas, even rarer than uncut Japanese anime without a terrible dub.

If you’re asking yourself "what is a dakimakura" you’re about to find out! Dakimakura is the name for a Japanese body pillow with a picture of a sexy girl from an anime on the pillow cover! They're made to be huggable, and that's why they're also sometimes called hug pillows or Japanese love pillows. If that sounds like something you’d buy – you’ll be at home here.

This site was made to cover all your anime dakimakura pillow needs and do so discreetly – by offering the best anime body pillows around! Here you’ll be able to find one of the widest selections of Japanese body pillows on the internet, all at fair prices and with excellent shipping conditions.

What We Offer

Each body pillow, body pillow case and body pillow cover will be made out of the finest materials available. Your custom printed anime dakimakura will use one of the highest quality fabrics available, including peach skin and 2way tricot with the inner pillow featuring pp cotton filling!

Here you’ll also be able to find some rarer products like a 3d anime body pillow which will make you feel like your 2d lover is right beside you in your room. It’s more than just an anime hugging pillow – it’s your one and only, true love, your waifu or husbando. There’s just no substitute for them in the 3d word, right?

All the dakimakura designs on the site will come from high-quality artists that have experience in creating anime-themed pictures and designs that will look great when printed on dakimakura pillows. Each design is specifically made for a dakimakura body pillow, and the colors will be as vibrant as in your favorite anime.

You will be almost guaranteed to find your favorite anime waifu pillow, and if you don't you will even be able to just make your own! Yes, on this website you will also be able to design your own custom, personalized anime dakimakura pillow! Customize to your heart’s content to create the perfect hugging body pillow with your waifu on it.

Whatever you choose to print on your anime hugging pillow, we won’t’ judge you – professionalism and privacy are guaranteed here at Dakimakura. We’ll deliver it to you discreetly, and you can enjoy it in the privacy of your room without anyone knowing that your waifu came from the anime world to visit you!

Our Other Products

Among our products, you'll be able to find more than just anime dakimakura, though. You’ll also be able to buy plenty of useful accessories including full bed sets! You’ll be able to make the kawaii anime bed from your dreams with full sets of anime bedding, anime bed sheets, throw pillows, a duvet cover and more!

Even if you want to create a custom photo pillows or a photo pillowcase or pillow cushion, we have you covered. You can even put your favorite character on a bedsheet – if you wanted that Naruto-themed bedroom since you were eight, you'd be able to have it now along with an anime pillow of Sasuke that you can sleep on. You’ll be able to create all of that and more right here on Dakimakura.

Other accessories will also be available to make your life even easier and your sleeping experience even better. These will include pillow case covers, pillow inserts, or even a bed sheet cover if you want one!

Why You Should Choose Us

We here at Dakimaruka exist to provide the best quality dakimakura anime merchandise and all the dakimakura accessories you need. Whether it’s an anime body pillow cover or an anime body pillowcase, we can find the right one for you, at a fair price and deliver it to you on time.

If you’re looking to buy one of these great products you can browse our site today for a while selection of products. Find your favorite dakimakura cover, dakimakura pillow cover or body pillow case cover and if you can’t find it just make one! You will never have to sleep without your favorite anime waifu or husbando ever again!

Here you’ll also get the newest info about the best products that just arrived from Japan, the freshest trends and guides on how to find the best products available in the west. You’ll also be able to get the best deals on new merch as soon as it’s available! Follow us closely and don’t miss any of it!

Contact Us

If you want to get in touch with us, the best thing you can do is write a comment on the site, and we'll get around to it as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, complaints or anything else, we will be happy to answer them in record time!

You can also contact us at or at one of our social media profiles and our customer support team will get right on it! We'd love to hear from you as soon as possible!

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